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It’s the second most traded commodity on Earth (after oil). It’s an industry worth $100 billion/year. 500 billion cups are brewed every year (that’s nearly 16,000/second). You need it to be a functioning person that does normal things like breathe and think and stuff.

Whether you only drink the finest beans brewed in a french press with filtered water at a perfect 205 degrees fahrenheit or can’t tell the difference between an americano and the pot in your auto mechanic’s waiting room, we love our coffee. According to the National Coffee Association, 83% of adults in the U.S. drink coffee, 63% of whom do so every day. It’s even got………………sorry, what were we talking about? We didn’t put the coffee on yet. Let’s go make some and then meet at the next section.

Why would I want a .COFFEE domain?

If your website has anything to do with coffee, then a .COFFEE TLD (top level domain) is the best way to end your website. By incorporating coffee into your domain name, you’ll be able to instantly communicate exactly what your website’s all about before people even click on a link. This is great for cafés, roasters, retailers, manufacturers, baristas, and anyone else that has anything to do with the diverse world of coffee.

With so many websites online, there’s a good chance that the name you’re searching for has already been taken when you’re searching for a more commonly used TLD. By using .COFFEE as your TLD, you’ve got a much better chance of finding your perfect domain name. Plus, since .COFFEE isn’t as popular as some other TLDs out there, it’ll make your website all the more memorable.

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