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.SPACE is the perfect web address for your cosmic concept.

.SPACE domain names work just the same as any other domain name: you can use a domain name ending in .SPACE in exactly the same ways you would use a domain ending in “.COM”. Your website can be at website.SPACE; your email address can be email@address.SPACE; and you can use a .SPACE domain to make it easy for your fans to quickly get to your social media pages (a domain like mytweets.SPACE can easily resolve to your Twitter account, for example!)

.SPACE is the 5th most popular new domain extension in Alexa's top 1 million.

Ranked consistently among top 15 new domain extensions by volume.

Imagine .SPACE to be your clean slate.

A new beginning. A bright new canvas. A crisp new notepad. A sanctuary of creativity. A stroke of inspiration. And now all it needs is your imagination.

Explore .SPACE domains, then get your own above.

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